the Slow Slushy Boys



LP 12" "Get Crazy" 10 titres Larsen rdz 1990 France
LP CD "Pretty Monster" 11 titres Larsen rdz 1992 France
LP 10" "Wild whelk twist" 10 titres Larsen rdz 1995 France
LP 10" "10 fabulous hits" 10 titres Larsen rdz 1997 France
LP 12" "Boogaloo" 14 titres Larsen rdz 2000 France
LP 12” “Party ! & don’t worry ‘bout it” 13 titres Larsen rdz 2001 France
LP CD “Make mine slushy” 16 titres compilation Wildebeest rdz 2001 USA
LP 10" "Love & Affection" - 10 titres Larsen / B-Soul 2005 France
LP 12" "Live Together" 10 titres Larsen Rdz 2013 France
LP 12" "Whelk Time!" 12 titres compilation Larsen Rdz 2017 France

LP 12" "En Direct d'Alto" 10 titres Live Larsen recordz 2019 France

LP 12" "Time For Love & Boogie" 6 titres Catapulte Records & B-Soul 2023 France


split EP "Executive Woman" +Wampas/Mescaleros Légume du jour 1990 France

split EP "Clean out your house" +Primitives/MKB Abus Dangereux 1990 France

EP "The girl she always smiles" 3 titres Larsen rdz 1994 France

EP "G.U.R.L/ Seven/ how could you lie ?" 3 titres Face rds 1995 Italy

split EP "Yeah Yeah" +Brambies/Sidewalk Stroll/Linkers J Mahoi rds 1995 France

split EP "Say you will" + Kravin'A's Larsen rdz 1996 France

EP "Hey Angelina/ Can the poseur.../ won't you listen/tomorrow" 4 titres 3m&P rds 1996 Italy

EP "On my back/ Hullaballoo/ Outside/dance on thru" 4 titres Wiped out 1996 France

EP "Early in the morning/believe me/ never down" 3 titres Pure Vinyl 1997 Austria

split EP "Mr I / Say what you will" + Thanes 2 titres Make face rdz 1998 France

EP "Baby Lou/ Yea Yea/ Lil'Bas Seed/ I'll get you/Stupid girl" 5 titres Sham Foundation1999 Italy

EP "Please don't cry/ Mister Man/ Say what you will/ sittin'.." 4 titres Psych-Out rds 1999 Italy

EP "Zip A Di Dou Dah / Désoeuvré / Et tu dis yeah / Ne l'oublie jamais" - Butterfly 2000 Spain

split EP Larsen #17 "I've gotta change my life" 2000 France

EP "J’SUIS BLEUE" Oublie tout Marilou/ La nuit/ Soeur Alice" - Butterfly rds 2001 Espagne

7" "Shotgun Boogaloo / Why" - Soundflat rds 2003 Allemagne

7" "Slush Puppy/ Das weiss der Teufel" - Butterfly rds 2003 Espagne

7" "When will whe get the power ?" Part1/ Part2 Larsen Recordz 2004 France

7" "Move your hand/ Don’t look back" B-Soul 2007 France

7" "The duck / The Worm" Butterfly Records 2008 Espagne



7" "Paint it green/ Mobile Blues" B Soul 2014 France

EP 10" "Chingford Train/ Groove on up/ Move your hand 2014" Catapulte/B Soul 2014 France

7" “Rise Up/ Sad story” Larsen Recordz 2015 France

7" “Gimme Your Love / I Need Your Love (to keep it up)” B Soul 2016 France

12" maxi 45t "D-Funk / Masterplan" Catapulte/B Soul 2023 France



CD/K7 "Sixteen again" (Rock Hardi/ Wampas/Soucoupe Violentes/Folamour...) 1991 France

CD "Rave on" ( Larsen rdz+Cry Babies/Bookmakers/ Teen Appeal/Universal Vagrants) 1992 France

CD "I can't stand it" (Kinetic Vibes+ Devil Dogs/dukes/ Cosmic Dropouts....) 1993 France

CD "Look but don't touch" (tibute P Collins Beat Pop attack/ Wagon Wheel) 1994 Australia/Usa

CD "G.U.R.L" ( Twang + Petals/Popnauts/Cybermen/Sit'nspin/Crusaders...) 1995 Allemagne

CD "I'll get you" ( Especial hits 98 Animal rds)+ Crusaders, Imposibles, Art School... 1998 Spain

LP "Sittin in my sofa" (Larsen "Wild & groovy"+Jekylls, Gorgons, Bogeymen...) 1998 France

CD "Mister I" (Tendenze 98 Face records) + Overcoat, Statuto..; 1999 Italy

CD "Do the boob" (tribute Real Kids Spining Top + Breadmakers, Campus Tramps..)1999 Australia

LP "Let's go to the beach" (Misty Lane) + Saturn V, Girl Bombs, Boss Martians...) 1999 Italy

DLP "Stupid Girl" (Corduroy + Chesterf Kings, Devil Dogs...) 1999 Australia

PICTURE LP “James Bond tribute” (Trib. to J. Bond, + Flaming Stars...) 2001 442e Rue - France

CD “She’s my R4” (Tendenze 99, Face rds, + Others, Link Quartet, Solareflares...) 2000 Italie

CD “Take me with you” (BANZAI Zine N°8 + Montesas, Jailbirds...) 2001 Kamikaze - Allemagne

CD “Sunday Girl” (COSMIC TRIP + Dunts, Godzillas, Stompin Harvey, ...) 2001 ROLLER- France

CD “Fruhstuck in a rocket” (Zine Continental, Double crown rds) 2001 - Usa

CD "Soeur Alice" (Zine No Action + Allnighters, Sex Museum...) 2002 - Espagne

LP "The Girl That Radiates That Charm" (Tribute Arthur Alexander) 2002 Larsen - France

CD “Boogaloo Down Broadway" (Riot on the rocks 6 Safety Pin) + Bellrays, Shambles.. 2002 Spain

CD "Mony Mony" (Tribute Tommy James, Wildebeest rds) 2004 - Usa

CD/LP "Slush Puppy" (Let's Boogaloo vol. 2 , RecordKicks) 2004 - Italie

CD "Much Better/ Wack Wack/ James Bond Tribute" (Rock'n'Roots vol 6) 2005 France

CD "Lies" (Zine Lost Tymes vol 2) 2005 - Greece

CD / LP “I can’t believe what you say” (Soulshaker Vol. 2, RecordKicks) 2006 Italy

CD / LP “Shotgun Boogaloo” (Hipsters, AcidJazz) 2006 UK

CD / DLP “I’ve gotta change my life” (Tribute to the Fleshtones, Larsen/ DirtyWater) 2007 Fr / UK

CD “Shotgun/Why/The girl she always smiles/Knockin’ at my door” (Soundflat) 2007 Allemagne

CD “Bad Times” (Rumble Skunk vol 2) 2008 Greece

LP “Move your hand” (Benny Gordini & friends + Waistcoats, B Soul Allstars...) Larsen 2009 France

LP "Love & Affection" (Tribute Nathaniel Mayer + Fondas, Detroit Cobras...) Larsen 2011 France

CD "I wanna be loved" (zine Abus Dangereux N°130 + Notwist, Prefab Sprout...) 2014 France

CD "Rise Up" (zine Abus Dangereux N°138 + Washington dead Cats, Jazz Butcher...) 2016 France

CD/K7 "Groove On Up" (10 ans Catapulte records + Graham Mushnik, Grup Simsek...) 2017 France





K7 live "No time to lose" vol 4 16 titres Bounty Killers 1995 France

K7 "Till the end of the day" (Papa oum Mow Mow+ Vindicators/ Cry Babies...) 1991 Italy

K7 "Executive Woman" (What Wave+ Smugglers/Worst/Cunts/Cybermen/...) 1992 Canada

K7 "Groovy Eyes/ Teachers" (Cryptic Tymes+ Smugglers/1313 Mockinbird Lane...) 1992 Usa

K7 "Executive Woman/ Sixteen again" ( Born loser+Goodchilde/Impsibles/Uninvited...) 1994 Italy

K7 "Lookin' with groovy eyes" (Say What/Campus Tramps/Squares/ Fire Works/...) 1995 France

K7 "Lookin' with groovy eyes" (Happy Harry) 1995 Greece

K7 "How could you lie ?" (Knights of trashe+ Jekylls/linkers/Smooty Filth/...) 1995 France

K7 "Insatiable man" (Bounty Killers+ Out four/Beach Bitches/Sidewalk Stroll/Phantoms) 1995 France

K7 "Putty in your hands" (Snap! + Heartbeats/ What Four/Shambles/Vice Barons...) 1996 Spain

K7 "Say that you will" (Here! + Dr Explosion, Godzillas, DM3, Breadmakers...) 1996 France

K7 "Look but don't touch" (Hang it ! vol 1 + Dr Explosion, Godzillas, Frantic Five....) 1997 Italy

K7 "What's the matter with me/ Hully Gully Whelk" (live ! with Kek66, Splinters...) 1997 France

K7 "Baby Lou" (Arseplot #1 + Von Zippers, Cybermen, SuperflyTNT's,Swindlers...) 1998 France

K7 "Groove On Up" (10 ans Catapulte records + Graham Mushnik, Guess What, Rectifiers, Grup Simsek...) 2017 France

K7 "Love Is What I Want" (15 ans Catapulte records + Grup Simsek, Graham Mushnik, Deli Teli, Phat Dat...) 2025 France


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